Inspired Virtue

Inspired Virtue was created for the imperfect. It's for those who aspire to be a better person tomorrow than today.
It's for those who have a dream, but reality sometimes discourages your chase.
For those who want just a pinch of motivation. Or for those who need a full strategy.
It's business. It's life.

Success has its prerequisites. Being willing to do the work is half the battle.
Shauna Cockrell, the lady behind Inspired Virtue, has spent countless hours mentoring/coaching clients and other individuals through these prerequisites.
Her approach is both practical and relatable.

Business in 3D

Our goal is to not only coach you throughout your journey, but to become part of it.
We provide Public Relations and Business Consulting services for SMEs, start-ups, and brands of all types.

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  • Public Relations

    Media Relations
    Brand and Reputation Management
    Internal Communications

  • Inspired Virtue

    Professional voiceover services available.
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  • Business Consulting

    Project Management
    Business Process Improvement
    Business Writing

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