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Hold a mirror to your psyche. Real achievement is liking what reflects.
– Shauna Cockrell

Inspired Virtue

We want it all – a successful career or business, an enriched personal life with great, supportive friendships, a healthy relationship and family life, great health, plenty of travel, and new experiences.

Unfortunately, we burn ourselves out trying to have all of these things. It’s difficult to be your ‘best self’ at all times. We often get tired, discouraged, and sometimes we just want to give up.

Just like life, we will not always be perfect. But we should always strive to be ‘better.’  In fact, self-work should be a permanent task at the top of our to-do lists. It’s an everlasting responsibility. As times change, we must grow and evolve too. The better we become, the better we’ll be at handling the matters of life and the opportunities we’re afforded.

Having the things we want requires discipline, perseverance, ‘focused’ work, and knowing how to balance our mind, body, spirit… and finances.

All of these things play a major part in how successful we’ll be with anything – business or personal.

Mind & Body

The mind and body are inextricably connected. When one suffers so does the other. Therefore, it's vital to maintain a healthy body and mind. Exercise, meditation, and adequate rest helps you be at your best mentally and physically.


Being spiritually well involves understanding the deeper meaning to your life and being accountable to something bigger than you. Your practices, morals, beliefs and values define your spirituality.


Financial wellness is just as important as mental, physical and spiritual health. In today's economy, it's common to stress over money and bills. It's even more important to save, pay off any debt, and not become a slave to materials.

Words of Wisdom...

Be mindful of whom you let into your sphere of influence. It can make or break you. Below are some words of wisdom from some very influential people…

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